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Trip Organizer

Product Designer

Product Owner and Founder




Trip Organizer comes out of my urge to exercise and practice my skills. Here you can see a small part this idea that im currently developing. 

In this case I developed a user persona, relying on people around me that could hypothetically match the profile of an ideal user, which would mark starting point for the whole workflow. 

Once this starting point was set I developed in more depth the goals of the Trip Organizer App. Which could be:
1. Help users on their trips

2. Simplify the organization and planning of a trip
3. Have all travel information in once place, including tickets and reservations. Besides the planned route, relevant covid information of the destination country and a personalized app that could be downloadable as a premium feature.



Concept of the app.png


Customer journey

I planned what the customer journey would be for my user. You can see a really simplified version of it in the image below.

All further development and work on this project is available in a public Figma link at the end of the page.  As a work in progress I'll update this page in the following weeks.
Feel free to ask any question about my design process and also about the idea itself. 

00 Dashboard.png
04 Points of interest.png
02 Search.png
03 Pick a destiny.png
0B Your trip All About London.png
0B Trip 01 Route map 2.png
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