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Refugee project

Series of illustrations made after spending a season with some refugees in Athens. The project, called What is your story? Collect bits and pieces of memory from some of the refugees I met.

Children with destroyed childhoods. Children who have seen their houses fall, lucky to only see them from outside. Children who have fled and traveled distances on foot that are challenging for even an adult. Stories like yours.

The Greek police are one of the biggest problems refugees have when they have lost everything, as they take away the only thing they have left: their family. This is the story of a separate family, of a broken family, a family that has run out of tears.

This is the story of a woman who has had to keep quiet, endure the screams of disgust and pain in order to continue the journey with her family to a safe place that she has not yet reached.

What if, after miles of sad adventures, the one you have tried to save, selling everything you have, disappears into the dark waters of the Mediterranean? What do you have left? How do you continue having hope when even Europe doesn't understands you or tries to help you?

his is Mori (the portrait is made thanks to the photograph taken by the photographer @aiama_amaiawhen we were in Athens). Mori is a young Afghan boy of just 17 years old who has already had to travel several countries at war on his own just to be free and dedicate himself to what he has always wanted. Will Europe one day let him be happy?

Repeating stories, with different names, with different eyes. Stories that they shout desperately and that Europe does not listen to.

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